7 Things She’s Doing While Sexting

To be completely honest, it is very rare that us girls are fully immersed in the sexting conversation because we always have shit to do. Not saying that we don’t enjoy a good sexting conversation every once in awhile, but chances are we are doing a handful of these things during.

It is way too easy to multi-task when sexting that she probably does all of these things in the span of your entire sexting conversation.

Let’s be honest ladies; you’ve done at least one of these activities while making someone else hot and bothered.

1. Hanging With Girlfriends:

When dick pics are being sent, you best believe the phone is being passed around between her and her friends. Girls are rarely alone especially on weekend nights when everyone is drunk and horny.

Also, sexting ends up being a collaborated masterpiece because writer’s block when sexting is a thing. Don’t be surprised if the entire sext thread is being read aloud followed by snorts of laughter because the whole concept can be comical at times.

2. Laundry:

She’s probably starting a load or folding her laundry between each sext. It’s always nice to spice up boring routines with a little sexting action because us girls always make time for laundry.

There’s no reason to get behind on your chores when you can quickly take turns sexting and folding your clean clothes without hesitation.

3.Watching TV:

More likely than not she is binge watching Netflix or some sort of movie while sexting you. Whether the type of movie is turning her on or she is simply bored during episode changes, your texts aren’t the only thing she’s watching.

4. Falling Asleep:

Sexting always happens so late at night so right when the first one is being received she already has her retainer in and makeup off. If a naked picture is being sent out, chances are it was taken on a different date when she had her life together.


If she is taking awhile to respond it’s because she’s casually cleaning her house with no intention of meaning any sexts that are being sent out. It is way too easy to mu


There is always food during a good show, so she’s probably getting all worked up with these texts and excitingly starts snacking.

And lastly…

7.Pleasuring Herself:

Yes, girls get turned on by the random in-depth sexting conversations to the point of sexual arousal. If she is really in the mood, she will end up doing the dirty work since you’re not physically there in person.

You either have a really efficient way with words or her imagination is out of this world for her to successfully get herself off with a few messages. Unless you’re sending risky videos, then you might as well just drive on over to do the damn thing in person.

Regardless of what she is doing during the sexts, she is still participating in some sense so take it for what it’s worth.

Learn more about sexting from the video below!