About Me and Zen!

Hi there everyone, my name is Tessa and pictured above is my soul mate animal Zen. Yes I am so obsessed with zen, peace, and yoga that I named my cat after it! I made this website in hopes that my knowledge and experience can help others find their zen and their peace in their life even when their life is at it’s most chaotic and stressful point. I think it is very important that everyone has that peaceful safe place in their mind that they are able to reach at any point of the day regardless of the stress level. Finding your inner peace will not only lead you to a happier healthier life but you will find that most of your answers are within you. I have always struggled with anxiety and dealing with stress so I first got my cat and during that same duration I was experimenting with yoga. Since my cat was so new and there for me when I experienced such a huge answer in my life, I decided to name her Zen. I will be sure to share all my tips and secrets on how to find your zen in your life. Stay tuned!